The perception that when a one sees a person holding a board or the signage on a van that reads “plumber”, you think to yourself: “There is a plumber, cheap as they do not have all the overheads”. However this should make you wonder, is this person qualified and how is he being held accountable for the correctness and quality of his work. There is a substantial amount of unqualified plumbers in Pretoria that are doing work under the disguise of the word “plumber” that is not only costing the consumer dearly in the long run but also putting the property and loved ones at significant risk, ultimately causing the plumbing industry much harm.

What is a qualified plumber?

A qualified plumber is a person that has completed the required theory, apprenticeship, training, and trade test as set out by the Department of Labour. Once this plumber is qualified, they should join a plumbing regulatory body like IOPSA (Institute of Plumbing South Africa) or PIRB (Plumbing Industry Registration Board) or both.

Why is this deemed necessary and essential?

Think of the medical or accounting professions. The student graduates and gets a degree. This student can’t practice unless he or she either joins the Health Professions Council of South Africa or the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants. In both these professions, registration it is mandatory with one of these bodies, for straightforward reasons:

  • Providing the professional with the latest trends, and regulatory change updates in their line of practice.
  • They have to adhere to ethical norms and practices that have been laid down.
  • There is a governing body that the consumer can turn to, holding the professional accountable should malpractice be suspected.

The same goes for plumbers or plumbing companies doing plumbing work in and around Pretoria. Using registered plumbers it is mostly to the benefit of the consumer, as plumbing installations, and repairs will adhere to the latest regulations gazetted by Government and ultimately have a conducive body to turn to, should what was promised and quoted not delivered or installed correctly.

Why should you care if your plumber in Pretoria is accredited or not?

Unaccredited Plumbers in Pretoria that don’t form part of a regulatory body don’t keep up to date with the latest changes in regulations regarding plumbing installations. In the end, the consumer pays the bill for components not living up to their life expectancy. As a result of plumbing installations not done the right way, geysers installed incorrectly, acting as time bombs rather than safe hot water storage cylinders, drains and waste systems installed in such a manner that when a blockage should occur, flooding the house with raw sewage is inevitable.

Our plea to you from all the qualified, registered plumbers

On behalf of all the qualified, registered plumbers in Pretoria that we appeal to you as the consumer that whenever you go searching for a plumber near me, or plumbers Pretoria, make sure that the plumbing contractor you choose, is accredited and registered.