Drain unblocking and repair

Blocked Drain

Having a blocked drain is a common and annoying problem experienced at some stage in most homes and businesses whether it is a clogged drain, toilet, sink, shower, bath or waste pipe. Unblocking of drains are done by using the conventional drain rod method, drain cleaning machines or high-pressure drain jetting equipment. Often the immediate symptom of the blockage is treated and not the underlying cause (see our special offer on CCTV Camera inspection). The most common causes for a drain pipe to block are:

  • Build up of plant material (usually roots growing into the drain pipe joints in search of water)
  • Build up of fats and soaps (usually causing a blocked sink)
  • Debris entering the drain (generally through a broken pipe or uncovered gully)
  • Foreign objects flushed down the toilet (Normally caused by Rim Blocks or sanitary towels)
  • Broken drain pipe (Normally caused by tree roots, inferior or old piping, etcetera.)

A blocked drain can become a major problem if not taken care of quickly, and is one of the most common plumbing problems why people call on our 24-hour emergency service. Some pipes need professional intervention to remedy, so contact us today, and your blocked drain problems will be a thing of the past. We unblock drains fast and professionally in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, and Johannesburg North.

Using chemical drain cleaners is not recommended for a blockage that doesn’t show any sign of flow. Don’t resort to those nasty, dangerous chemical drain cleaners; call a professional plumber in instead. It is best to try to unclog drains the right way, right away. There are a few eco-friendly drain cleaners available on the market.

Additional services.

Camera inspections (see our special offer) to determine the cause of the blockage and high-pressure water jetting that will remove the build-up of fats, and debris leaving the inside of your pipes looking as good as new.

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