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Kwikot Heat Pumps (Kwikpump) is a very efficient way of heating water for household use while being cost-efficient. Having a hot climate is definitely an advantage to clients living in Pretoria, Centurion areas as the heat pump are designed to use hot air and convert it to 75% of the energy it uses to produce hot water and then only uses the outstanding 25% in the form of electricity to achieve 100% of its hot water output.

This heat pump only uses electricity to transfer heat from its surrounding environment it can not create heat but can absorb heat. The pump transfers the surrounding heat by using a refrigerant, transferring it to heat the water.

The heat pump’s fan circulates the air through the outer evaporator which acts as the heat collector. The liquid refrigerant which is in the evaporator will absorb the surrounding heat in the air then transforms it into the refrigerant. At this stage the refrigerant is pumped in to the compressor, when the warmed refrigerant is compressed it will either concentrate or intensifies the heat.

The next step is for this extremely hot refrigerant to be pumped into the heat exchanger which is where the heat transfer takes place. While the water is running through the heat exchanger the hot gas transfers its heat to the cooler water then the refrigerant will return to its liquid state and then pumped through the expansion valve, then into the evaporator air coil, starting the process over again.

Heating Water At A 1/3 Of The Cost

FD Plumbers supply, install and service Kwikot Heat Pumps branded “KWIKPUMPS” for the following reasons:

  • The Kwikot brand is tried and tested
  • Locally manufactured
  • Spare parts are readily available
  • The warranty on the entire machine is for 2 years from the date of installation, or from the date of manufacture if no proof of installation date can be provided.
  • Excellent after-sale and back-up service.

Frequently asked questions

  • What size heat pump should I install to my geyser?
    • 3.5kW heat pump – 100/150 litre geyser
    • 5.5kW heat pump – 200/250 litre geyser
    • 7kW heat pump – up to 450 litre geyser
  • Do I still need a geyser if I already have a heat pump?
    • Yes, you do still require a heat pump. This heat pump is not an instantaneous water heater. Your geyser will become the storage place as well as a back-up heat source should the heat pump fail.
  • Will my heat pump require regular maintenance?
    • This heat pump should be serviced yearly by a heat pump technician to increase the lifespan of the heat pump and re-gassing of the heat pump is a common maintenance requirement.
  • Does a heat pump require the sun rays to heat up the water?
    • No, this heat pump is not similar to a solar system, it will work day and night.
  • My heat pump sometimes beeps, what does this mean?
    • A beeping alarm indicates an error, this notifies you of the error. The error code should be displayed on the control panel and the diagnostics of the codes is in the manual or on the back of the electrical control box cover.


Product Code: StandardHP-003HP-005HP-007
Heating Capacity3.5kW5.5kW7.0kW
Water Heater Size100/150lt200/250ltup to 450lt
Rated Power Input900W1.5kW1.85kW
Rated Current4.5 A6.0 A8.6 A
Hot Water Output75lt/h110lt/h150lt/h
Net Weight48kg55kg58kg

Simplified Installation Diagram

Product  Installation Data

  • This is an outdoor installation, the installation space being well ventilated.
  • The position should allow for safe water discharge from the heat pump by the safety combination valve
  • For ground-level installation, the surface should be smooth and hard preventing any vibration.
  • The heat pump can also be installed on a wall.
  • Connecting to the electrical power source must be done by a qualified electrician. Offered a separate power point, meeting the requirements of the heat pump. The main power switch should not be used to control the on and off switching of the heat pump.

Product Warrantee

  • If the warranty reply card has correctly been submitted to Kwikot you will have a two-year warranty from the installation date.
  • Faulty materials and workmanship during the manufacturing process is the only thing covered by the warranty.
  • If any component fails when the Warranty period is over, the pump will be removed and taken away for repair and then re-installed once the repair work has been done.
  • The Warranty on the installation is carried by the installer.

Heat Pump Product Features

  • The heat pump can be used for services where hot water is readily used, such as hairdressing salons and spas.
  • Works in all weather conditions as well as during night time.
  • The heat pump comes with a micro-computer controlled with a timer function heat pump provides higher performance in cold conditions by its super-sized evaporator coil with high-efficiency hydrophilic aluminium fin and inner grooved copper pipe.
  • It has a high-efficiency heat exchanger.
  • It runs at a third of the cost compared to other water heaters, providing the same amount of heated water.
  • Reducing global greenhouse effects because it is environmentally friendly and free of pollutions.
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