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Being a certified heat pump installer in Pretoria and Centurion, we offer repairs, services, and free quotations on heat pump installations. Our Heat pump division will assist you in making an informed decision on the correct size of heat pump you require by taking all variables into account ensuring high efficiency and optimal saving on your electricity usage.

Kwikot Heat Pumps (Kwikpump) are a very cost-effective and efficient way of heating water for household use. Having a hot climate is definitely an advantage to clients living in Pretoria, Centurion areas as the heat pump is designed to use hot air and convert it to 75% of the energy it uses to produce hot water and then only uses the outstanding 25% in the form of electricity to achieve 100% of its hot water output.

The heat pump doesn’t use electricity to create heat as conventional geysers do, it drastically reduces the electricity consumption by transferring heat from the air in its surrounding area making use of a refrigerant to heat up the water.

The outer evaporator of the heat pump becomes the heat collector as the fan circulates the ambient air through it. Heat in the available air surrounding the heat pump is absorbed through a liquid refrigerant in the evaporator changing the state of the refrigerant from liquid to gas. The warmed refrigerant is pumped into the compressor which by compressing the refrigerant, concentrates and intensifies the heated refrigerant. 

The heat transfer from the refrigerant to the water takes place in the heat exchanger where the hot compressed refrigerant is pumped through. The hot compressed refrigerant that is in a gas state transfers its heat to the water pumped through the heat exchanger and after cooling returns to a liquid form. The liquified refrigerant now starts the process all over again by passing through an expansion valve and back to the evaporator air coil.

Heating Water at a Third of The Cost

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FD Plumbers supply, install and service Kwikot Heat Pumps branded “KWIKPUMPS” for the following reasons:

  • The Kwikot brand is tried and tested
  • Locally manufactured
  • Spare parts are readily available
  • The warranty on the entire machine is for 2 years from the date of installation, or from the date of manufacture if no proof of installation date can be provided.
  • Excellent after-sale and back-up service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the size of the heat pump that I should install to my geyser?
    • 3.5kW heat pump – 100/150 litre geyser
    • 5.5kW heat pump – 200/250 litre geyser
    • 7kW heat pump – up to 450-litre geyser
  • Do I still need a geyser if I acquire a heat pump?
    • Yes, a geyser is required. Your heat pump heats up the water and your geyser cylinder acts as a reservoir for the heated water while the conventional element and thermostat in the geyser will remain as the alternate source should the heat pump malfunction for some reason.
  • Will my heat pump require regular maintenance?
    • For the sake of extending the lifespan of your heat pump is recommended that a certified technician service and regas your unit on a 12 monthly basis.
  • Does a heat pump require direct sunlight to heat up the water?
    • No, solar geysers need sunlight. Heat pumps extract the heat in the surrounding air causing it to function throughout the day and night.
  • I heard a beeping sound on my heat pump, what does this mean?
    • A beeping alarm indicates an error, this notifies you of the error. The error code should be displayed on the control panel. The diagnostics of the codes are to be found in the manual or on the back of the electrical control box cover.
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Product Code: StandardHP-003HP-005HP-007
Heating Capacity3.5kW5.5kW7.0kW
Water Heater Size100/150lt200/250ltup to 450lt
Rated Power Input900W1.5kW1.85kW
Rated Current4.5 A6.0 A8.6 A
Hot Water Output75lt/h110lt/h150lt/h
Net Weight48kg55kg58kg

Simplified Installation Diagram

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Product  Installation Data

  • As the unit is to be installed outdoors, make sure that it is installed in a well-ventilated area.
  • The position should allow for safe water discharge from the heat pump by the safety   
  • combination valve.
  • In order to prevent the unit from vibrating on a ground-level installation, ensure your surface is hard and smooth.
  • Wall-mounted brackets allow for the heat pump to be wall hung.
  • A qualified electrician is to provide a separate powerpoint that meets the requirements for the heat pump and is to connect the heat pump to the power mains.

Product Warranty

  • Provided that the warranty card has correctly been submitted to Kwikot you will have a two-year warranty from the installation date. 
  • Faulty materials and workmanship during the manufacturing process are the only things covered by the warranty.
  • Should any component fail after the warranty period has expired, the heat pump will be removed, pipes will be blanked off and the unit taken away for repair and then re-installed once the repair work has been done. The geyser will function as a conventional geyser without the heat pump during the time of repair to the unit. 
  • The company that did the installation is responsible for the warranty of the installation.

Heat Pump Product Features

  • The heat pump can be used for services where hot water is readily used, such as hairdressing salons and spas. 
  • Functions in all weather conditions as well as during night time. 
  • The heat pump comes with a micro-computer controlled with a timer function. Water temperature settings controlled by a microcomputer with timer function switches the heat pump on and off according to personalised settings.
  • Higher performance in cold conditions is achieved by making use of high-efficiency hydrophilic aluminium fins and inner grooved copper pipe in a super-sized evaporator coil.
  • It has a high-efficiency heat exchanger.
  • It runs at a third of the cost compared to other water heaters, providing the same amount of heated water.
  • Reducing global greenhouse effects because it is environmentally friendly and free of pollution.
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