Pressure Jet Cleaning

High pressure jet cleaning of drains and stormwater pipes

Pipe cleaning is commonly performed by a technique known as sewer jetting. Sewer jetting is the application of water being forced through jet nozzles at high pressure that in turn loosens and removes fat build-up, sewer waste and debris from a pipe. The high water pressure washes down the side walls of the pipe making the pipe look brand new when done.

High pressure jet cleaning of drains and storm water pipes before and after

Our water jetting units are trailer mounted making accessibility much easier when working in confined areas. The length of the high-pressure hoses on our machines are 60 meters to ensure that we easily reach between cleaning eyes and manholes.

High pressure jet cleaning machine

Drain jetting vs. drain cleaning or drain unblocking the conventional way

Drain cleaning or unblocking is done by using the conventional drain rods or mechanical drain cleaning machines. This method of unblocking surely has its merits and are still being used by us in most instances as it is cost effective and resolves 70% of blockages for a period of time. The downside of using drain rods or drain machines in badly clogged fatty drains or drains that have accumulated a lot of dirt is that the drain rod or spring makes a hole through the dirt deposit and does not remove the entire blockage.

Drain jetting on the other hand cuts through the dirt or fat deposit and washes down the entire inside of the pipe bringing out everything it loosens in the process.

High pressure jet cleaning process

Root infested drains

The myth that roots can be removed by using mechanical drain machines or jetting machines is a myth and will always be just that. If roots have entered a drain it means that the drain pipe has either cracked or its has broken making way for roots to enter the pipe. Mechanical drain machines or jetting machines can at best cut through the root and remove a portion thereof causing the drain to flow for a period of time until they grow back and block the drain again.

We at FD Plumbers seek permanent solutions to problems and will advise that a drain camera inspection is done on the problem drain to determine the extent of the problem as well as the area in which the problem finds itself. The permanent solution to a root infested drain is to replace the section of the drain being affected.

Jetting a hole through the roots is not the solution to your problem.

Root infested drain

At FD Plumbers we want to solve your blocked drain problem permanently whether it be residential or commercial property. We jet clean drains in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Johannesburg North. Give us a call for quality and good advice. Our jet drain jet cleaning quotations are free of charge.

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